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Your time is precious
Let us take care of your landscaping


Let a pro take care of your property's landscaping

  • increases the appeal and value of your home
  • saves you time
  • enhances the quality of life of the occupants
  • saves you from injuries
  • saves costs related to damaged plants

For years, Prodige has been providing quality landscape maintenance services to individuals and businesses.

With over 20 years of combined experience, our team is ready to tackle any project!

Hurry! We only take on a LIMITED number of clients each season to ensure our high quality standards.

Mowing between 3 and 3.5 inches
(avoids drying out, creating a deeper root system and requiring less water)

Mowing in a different direction each time
(maintains a uniform density)

Cutting blades sharpened every 20 hours
(makes the grass more resistant to diseases and insects)

Soil analysis for proper nutrient dosing
(allows the right dosage of fertilizer for maximum efficiency)

Collecting leaves or clumps of grass
(avoids smothering or drying out the lawn)

Quiet, 100% electric equipment
(reduces noise and harmful fumes)

Regular and adapted mowing schedule
(minimizes inconvenience)

If you or your landscaper do not check all the boxes, contact us for a free estimate:

You are saving our field in just one year when for years no one else has been successful. Thank you Prodig-e!

- Carole-Anne


Dedicated employees




Flowers, trees and shrubs planted


CO2 emmited
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